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Premium 18K Gold Coloured Diamond Grillz
From RD$ 3,700.00
green topgreen bottomEmerald green setLight Blue TopLight Blue BottomLight Blue Setblue topblue bottomNavy blue setpurple toppurple bottomrose red bottomrose red topGold setSilver setRose gold setLilac setRose red set+ 15 more
14mm Dollar Sign Infinity Link Bracelet
RD$ 4,900.00 RD$ 7,900.00 Sale
Silver-Green ColorGold-Green ColorGold-White ColorSilver-White ColorGold Silver ColorSilver Gold Color+ 3 more
18K Gold Diamond Grillz
From RD$ 2,500.00
Gold setGold Top grillzGold Down GrillzSilver Top grillzSilver Down GrillzSilver set+ 3 more
Baguette & Diamond Custom Name Pendant
From RD$ 4,900.00 RD$ 9,200.00 Sale
GoldWhite Gold2 Tone (Gold Bottom. White Gold Top)2 Tone (Rose Gold Bottom. White Gold Top)+ 1 more
18K Gold Diamond Regal Watch
RD$ 5,500.00 RD$ 7,000.00 Sale
Green Face, Gold and White Gold BaGold Red FaceGold Green FaceGold Pink FaceWhite Gold Red FaceWhite Gold Green FaceWhite Gold MauvePink FaceRed Face, Gold and White Gold BandMauve Pink Face Gold and White Gold Band+ 6 more
18k Gold Diamond & Gemstone Watch
RD$ 6,700.00 RD$ 9,200.00 Sale
White Gold GreenGoldGold BlueGold GreenWhite GoldWhite Gold BlueRose GoldRose Gold and White GoldRose Gold and White Gold Green GemstoneGold and White GoldGold and White Gold Green Gemstone+ 8 more
18k Gold Diamond Custom Name Ring
RD$ 6,700.00 RD$ 12,200.00 Sale
GoldWhite GoldRose GoldWhite Gold and Rose Gold (2 Tone)White Gold and Yellow Gold (2 Tone)Yellow Gold and Rose Gold (2 Tone)+ 3 more